"I never expected to make masks. But I never expected to run a business in the midst of a global pandemic either. We are lucky that our studio is in a spacious warehouse and we can social distance. But we also wear masks for most of our work day. And believe me we have tried every conceivable style. And then one day one of our team members brought in masks made by her mother who is an avid quilter. We put them on and we could all breathe, talk and wear them comfortably all day! "

xo Maya

The PR Mask

(Protect & Respect)

As with everything we do at Maya Brenner-we only want to put out products that we love, wear and use ourselves..

Made from a 3D pattern with a contoured shape that is roomy around your mouth but is fitted in all the other important areas.

    • Masks are one size fits most and measure 7.5" x 5.5" and have a 4" ear strap with an adjustable rubber bead
    • Outer Lining: 100% Signature Petal Cotton
    • Inner Lining: 100% Cotton with Swiss Dot Pattern
    • Leopard, Chambray & Gem Prints designed by Holli Zollinger. 
    • Vote print designed by Little Arrow Designs
    • Due to the nature of this product all sales are final
Sold out

  • In full transparency, this is not a money making venture for us but rather a public service passion project.
Our costs:
Materials: $11
Los Angeles based Labor: $10
MB Team & Studio Costs: $14
Total: $35.00
Your cost : $35
We also did not design this mask ourselves and many patterns exist online. The one we love is by Japanese Sewing Books so please feel free to make your own.
From the bottom of our hearts we hope you all stay safe, healthy and wear a mask.

Please note: These masks are not FDA-approved. They are not intended for use in a medical or clinical setting, nor are they meant to replace medical-grade PPE and measures recommended by the CDC. They are designed for adult use only and should not be worn by anyone with breathing or respiratory conditions or those unable to remove a mask without assistance.