Add-a-Letter News
Order Deadlines
Please note that we don't process add-a-letter orders during the months of November & December and April & May due to our Holiday and Mother's Day rushes. 
This Fall the last day to purchase an add-a-letter will be October 15th and we must receive your necklace by October 31st in order to be processed before the holiday season. Necklaces that arrive to our studio after October 31st it will be placed in a queue to be processed after January 4th. 
Starting in January 2021
We are very happy to announce some exciting changes to our add-a-letter service.
When we first started adding letters to necklaces for our customers we never could have imagined we would be processing hundreds of these orders a month.
To keep up with the demand and give each order the attention it deserves we will be launching our new Add-A-Letter Boutique in January 2021.
The Add-A-Letter Boutique will now offer complimentary shipping kits for US residents, exclusive packaging and a team of dedicated specialists to answer your questions and process your orders. To accommodate these perks, the base cost of adding a letter to your current Maya Brenner necklace will be increasing to $100 in January 2021.
Thank you for your continued support and understanding.